replika órák  at BPM Abogados we received a lot of the following question: do we have to go through the courts to definitively break up a de facto couple?replika órák árrala href="">replika órák boltja" />
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  • Ruptura de pareja de hecho: ¿hace falta pasar por los tribunales?

    Ruptura de pareja de hecho: ¿hace falta pasar por los tribunales?

05 NOV 2018

In Spain, nine out of ten couples are married, according to data from 2013. There were more than a million and a half couples in that year. We have previously seen the differences contemplated by the Law between de facto and married couples. However, lately, as divorce lawyers in Barcelona , at  BPM Abogados we detect doubts about this figure who, incidentally, has some uncertainty before the Law. One of the most recurrent doubts is the following: do we have to go through the courts to definitely break up a de facto couple ?

Marco met the one that until now had been his partner in 2014. After a one-year cohabitation with Laura,<a href="">rolex replika</a>  his daughter Ana was born. Since they had a daughter in common, they automatically became a de facto couple, despite have registered their relationship in public deed. At the end of 2017 they decided to end their relationship and Marco visited BPM Abogados to find out what steps they should take from now on, whether or not they were similar to those of marriage and whether or not they had to judicialize their breakup.

"As we inform you in BPM Abogados, when the couple that decides to break has children in common, it is best to reach agreements and formalize them before the courts. Going to court to break up a couple, as would be done in the case of divorce from a marriage, is not necessary as such, but if you have children in common is the most advisable.<a href="">replika óra</a>   In case there is only verbal agreement regarding issues of the children and one of the parties fails to comply with the agreement, it is very difficult to claim compliance with the agreed obligations. The best and clearest is to initiate a legal procedure that establishes the system of custody, visitation regime and alimony. Also, in case of having a house in common, it will be necessary to clarify who is left with the use of what until now has been the family home ".

"If the couple has no children, but a common home, reaching an agreement between them will be enough. In addition, you can formalize the break in notarial deed, which speeds up everything and avoids having to wait for legal proceedings. If there is no agreement, <a href="">replika óra webáruház</a> it is advisable to ask the judge to divide the estate or decide, in case the two want to keep the home, who should stay and who should sell their share to the other "explain the divorce lawyers in Barcelona .

If you are a domestic partner and want to be separated, or you are married and want to apply for a divorce,  contact the divorce lawyers in Barcelona , BPM Abogados. We will listen to you,<a href="">replika óra webáruház</a>  advise and defend your rights both outside and inside the Courts.

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